Community Yard Sale

We are currently gearing up for our big “do” on Saturday, August 8 — weather cooperating.  Still time to buy a table/spot; call 246-6312.


New Class Coming Up 

October 15 – December 17

9 Thursdays, 12:15 – 2:00 p.m.


Episcopal priest, the Rev. Matthew Wright of St. Gregory’s in Woodstock, and Rabbi Jonathan Kligler of the Woodstock Jewish Congregation will teach a course together.  Both clergymen are consummate and inspiring teachers.  They write:

“So many of us long to move beyond longstanding suspicion and defensiveness and toward an open and frank conversation about Judaism and Christianity.

So many of us long to move beyond bland platitudes about the ‘Judeo-Christian heritage’ to examine the beating hearts of these two traditions.  We will do our best to strip away the centuries of assumptions we carry about each other and compare our shared origins.”

There is tuition for the class of $145, or $15 for a single, drop-in class.






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